Modern 3-Dimensional Frame

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This tutorial was created in PSP 7.04 and assumes you have knowledge of the program at a intermediate level.

Tools needed for this tutorial are as follows.

This image. Right click and save to your own hard drive.

This graphic came from WebShots.

JASC PSP 7.04. You can download a trial version here.

Okay, let's get started.

Step 1.

Open a new image 300x300, transparent.

Step 2.

Go to selections> select all then to selections> modify> contract and put in the number 25. Now go to selections> invert.

Step 3.

Set your foreground to #D8A4B8. This is the color I used. You of course can use any color to make it yours. Flood fill your selection.

Step 4.

Go to Effects> texture effects> blinds and apply using these settings. Add the blinds again but this time unckeck the "Horizontal" and check the "light from left/top"

Step 5.

Go to Effects>inner bevel and apply using these settings. Deselect.

Step 6.

Duplicate your frame by going to windows> Duplicate.


Activate your duplicated frame, go to effects> blur gaussian blur and apply using these settings.

Step 8.

Go to effects> noise> add and apply with these settings.

Step 9.

Go to image> resize and resize by 75% making sure "resize all layers" is UNCHECKED.

Step 10.

Activate your original frame, grab your magic wand and click in the center of your frame. go to selections> modify> expand by 1.

Step 11.

Change your foreground to #F7D5D7. (remember, this is the color I used. Feel free to use any color you like). Flood fill your selection. Deselect.

Step 12.

Activate your duplicated frame, go to edit> copy. Activate your original frame , edit> paste as new layer.


Let's go to page 2 to finish our frame.

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