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When I was learning PSP, I tried every tutorial I could get my hands on. As a beginner then, I was grateful to the tutorial writers for allowing me access to their tutorials. It's very sad that now it's becoming harder for myself and others to be able to do certain tutorials on the Internet. So many "restrictions" have been placed on certain sites and tutorials, that when I go to those sites and read their harsh words, I just say "forget it". Now, being a tutorial writer myself, I remember what it was like being a beginner, and MY tutorials will NEVER carry such restrictions.

My good friend Patti, from Moon's Designs, has made a stance on her index page as to what she feels tutorial writing is all about. I wish more tutorial writers felt this way. I know I DO. To read her thoughts, go HERE.

I was thrilled to find this award in my mailbox! I started writing tutorials because of the encouragement of my good friend Patti from Moon's Designs, And along the way I have been inspired by many wonderful, talented people. Many I am honored to call my friends. Thank you Patti, Suecat, & Patao for this award, and a special thank you goes to my testers, Jenn, Barbara, & Tish.

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Coloring Line art

Rugged Cross 

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 Modern 3-Dimensional Frame


Emission Mirror Frame

The Firefighters Prayer


Memorial Flag Case


Garden Flag Stake


Floating Image In A frame

Frame From A Graphic


Teardrop Globe

Heart Shaped Elephant


Heart Shaped Mouse.

Inner Beauty

Mosaic Pillow Frame



Scenic Canoe


Snowflake Ornament


Kaleidoscope Straw Frame


Simple Swirl Frame


Triple Effect Frame


Welcome Sign


Easy Wall Plaque

How I Make Tags

Mosaic Cutout Frame


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