Floating Image In A Frame

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This tutorial was written using JASC PSP version 7.04 and assumes you have a working knowledge of the program at an intermediate level.

Tools needed for this tutorial are as follows.

JASC PSP You can download a free trial version here.

This gold Pattern. Right click and save to your own hard drive.


Step 1.

Open a new image 300x350, transparent.

Step 2.

Go to selections> select all, then to selections> modify> contract and contract by 35.

Step 3.

Go to selections> invert. Click on your flood fill tool and fill with your choice of color. I used #B15876.

Step 4.

While still selected, go to Effects> texture effects> blinds and apply using these settings.

Add the blinds again same settings except this time UNCHECK "horizontal" and CHECK "Light from left/top.

Step 5.

Add a inner bevel using these settings. Deselect.


Step 6.

Add a new layer by going to Layer> new raster layer. Go to selections> select all, then to selections> modify> contract, and contract by 40.

Step 7.

Go to selections> Invert. Open up your gold pattern in PSP. Set your foreground to pattern and find your gold pattern. It will be at the top. Flood fill.

Let's go on to the next page and finish our frame!

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